Welcome to this Website


Welcome to this website! I want to thank those who have helped to bring this site to life, especially Deacon Jim Knipper of Clear Faith Publishing, and Sergio Hernandez who have helped in its design and concept.  I pray that this will be a site that all of you will visit often, as the plan is to update and keep it current as a primary “one-stop” site for all of the various ministries, resources, and activities that I am involved with as a composer, author, workshop speaker, recording artist and pastoral minister. It is my deepest hope that this website can be a kind of “resource center” for all of you who minister and also, all of us who seek to serve, live and witness our faith in Jesus Christ. 


The first section of this website – ABOUT – is where you are now, and where, in addition to this guide, I lay out my vocational mission and you can read a bio and chronology to learn more about me and the pastoral work I have been doing over the years.  You will also be able to explore the various corners of my ministerial activities; the mission and work of The Emmaus Center for Music, Prayer and Ministry; and enjoy some sharing from others. You will also find a photo gallery here.

The most “active,” ongoing and updated portion of this website (on a monthly basis if not more often) is MUSINGS. First you will find The Rabbit Speaks, which will be a regular – hopefully weekly – journal for me to share various announcements, topics, and news about many things (in case you are scratching your head, my last name, Haas, in its original German, is the word for “Rabbit”).   What’s New from David will be a spot where you will be able to learn about the more recent projects of mine and previews as to what might be coming down the pike in the future.  In David’s Monthly Picks: Resources for Ministry I will also be offering brief reviews and recommendations about new music and book projects each month from other composers, authors, and artists –  to spread the news about creative initiatives that many are doing in various areas of ministry. Under the banner of Songs of Prayer, Stories of Faith, I will share stories and commentary about some my own liturgical compositions – some known, some not so well-known – and perhaps from time to time, even post a brand new composition for you to “test drive” at your parish.

Over the years and through my travels I have met many amazing people who have served (and many who continue to serve) as ministers of music and liturgical composers – all blessed servants who have helped us all raise our faith in song and prayer. So with Pastoral Musicians of the Month I plan to hold up 3 people each month for us to come to know and learn more about; to celebrate their ministry and service. Gonna Sing My Lord: Pioneers of Sung Prayer will be a place to come and learn about our “recent” history in the liturgical music renewal that exploded in those early years since the Second Vatican Council. So each month I will offer stories about some of those early pioneers and prophets who gave us our wings that have led us to where we are now. In Remembering Always, I will again call to mind many prophets and servants – but those who have gone before us; those who by the vision and commitment of their lives and vocation, made significant contributions in music, liturgy and ministry.  A place to pause to remember, and to give thanks. Finally, with You Will Be My Witnesses: Saints for Musicians, I will call to mind each month some wonderful saints and heroes from our history and tradition who, in addition to St. Cecelia, have much to teach those of us who serve as pastoral musicians by their witness and example.  Some will be traditional “canonical” saints, and others will be people who are not canonized, but who I humbly assert, should be.

Who knows what else may come to find a home under MUSINGS … so stop by.  Seek and you will find much!

CALENDARS/EVENTS is exactly just that – a listing of dates, events and locations of concerts, workshops, retreats and conferences where I will be, and this will be updated regularly.  Other upcoming events will be highlighted here, and information as to how to go about scheduling an event.

The RECORDING/MUSIC section features a complete, almost encyclopedic listing of all of my recordings and printed liturgical music collections, including samples; with direct links to where you can order directly from GIA Publications.  You will also find important and helpful information as to licensing and permissions; a wonderful reference/index to locate compositions, structured around the seasons, liturgical and sacramental celebrations and other occasions; information about the music and recordings of Lori True and other close artist friends of mine who serve as liturgical composers and pastoral musicians – Zack Stachowski, W. Clifford Petty, Kate Cuddy, Stephen Pishner, Barbara Bridge, “Hangad,” an inspiring music ministry community from the Philippines; Tom Franzak, Rob Glover, and Michael Mangan, Manoling Francisco, SJ; Anna Betancourt, Bonnie Faber, Luke Rosen, Christian Cosas, Rodolfo Lopez and Stella Garcia-Lopez, Betsey Beckman, Leon C. Roberts, Maureen Briare, and M. Roger Holland. 

Here you will also learn more about David’s favorite hymn and song text writers.

Finally, information about licensing, commissions, and ordering (in both the United States and Internationally) is provided.

BOOKS/MEDIA is where you can explore a similar complete listing of my “non-musical” projects in the areas of prayer and spirituality as well as liturgical music formation and youth ministry: books, videos, podcasts, webinars, and other media resources. Again, you can click on the product item to take you directly to where you can order these resources.

Go to DAILY LIVING REMINDER to learn about receiving daily meditations/reflections from me, that will come directly to your email.  Subscribing to this service is absolutely free, so check it out!

CONTACTS/LINKS provides information as to how to be in touch with me and an extensive list of links to my Facebook page and other platforms; as well as people, resources and fun spots that I have found to be helpful and enjoyable.

Again, welcome to the website and please share news about this site with your colleagues, family and friends. I hope for it to be a fun place for all of you to come and hang out!

Blessings to you all! DH