W. Clifford Petty

My good and talented friend Clifford Petty is a native of Alabama, and in addition to his multiple degrees in music performance and music education and his amazing talents as a liturgical composer – he is also vocalist of the highest caliber.  Presently he is Pastoral Musician and Artist-in-Residence at Resurrection Church in Montgomery, Alabama, and also teaches at their school. As a composer, producer and recording artist, his music and recordings are published through World Library Publications (otherwise known as WLP: www.wlp.jspaluch.com.  His songs, hymns and engaging psalms can be found in many of WLP’s hymnals and missals, such as One in Faith, We Celebrate, Word & Song, Voices as One, as well as being a contributing composer of several titles in the African-American Hymnal, Lead Me, Guide Me: Second Edition, published by GIA Publications.  Clifford’s music and his singing penetrates the heart, touches the soul, and empowers the people of God to pray through his amazing songs and arrangements that reach the hearts of not only Catholics, but Christians everywhere (just check out the Song Videos featured here, and you will see and hear what I am talking about).  I have been able to work and sing with Clifford, and he is in my mind one of the most integrity-filled and faith-infused composers I have come to know in recent years.  Be sure to take some time to explore his music and recordings that are featured here.  Just click on any of the images and titles, and you can become friends with these song prayers. DH

All of the titles below include recordings as well as printed music editions, either in a collection and also as individual editions, from WLP (World Library) Publications (www.wlp.jspaluch.com)

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Clifford Petty Individual Choral Editions/Octavos

(Many of the pieces listed have ancillary editions for obligatto instruments also, music clips for each selection can be found at the WLP website – also, all of these selections are available digitally, in WLP’s “Click & Print” format.  

Come, Magnify the Lord with Me
Feed Us, Lord
Go Out
Have Mercy On Us for We Have Sinned: Psalm 51
I Know Something About God’s Grace (Patrick Bradley)
If Today You Hear His Voice: Psalm 95
Let All the Nations Praise You: Psalm 67
Let the Children Come to Me
The Lord Has Done Great Things: Psalm 126
The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor: Psalm 34
Lord, It Is Good: Psalm 92
Rejoice and Be Glad
Take Me to the Water
Through the Eyes of God
Touch Jesus
Why Have You Abandoned Me?: Psalm 22

W. Clifford Petty albums/recordings

W. Clifford Petty Song Videos

Song Video: Through the Eyes of God by W. Clifford Petty
Song Video: W. Clifford Petty Singing: If I Can Help Somebody
Song Video: W. Clifford Petty Leading “Taste & See”