Tom Franzak

Tom’s career – no, his vocation – in music ministry stretches over 40 plus years, originally as a Catholic Solo Christian artist, who toured throughout the country and beyond sharing what I call, “faith-sharing” songs that go much deeper than being merely “inspirational” tunes, but music grounded in strong theology, determined to “preach and teach” the good news. His recordings and concert appearances have touched the lives of people all over the world, while at the same time serving as a youth minister in several parishes in the greater Los Angeles area.  Now living back in his home state of Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh area) with his wife Rene’ and his fully grown children, TJ, Lucy and Daniel, Tom has been involved in various parishes serving as music director, and continues to share his God-filled ministry in various ways.  I remember the first time I heard some of his wonderful songs of faith – “The Call,” “Unless a Grain,” and “Live On In My Love” – my heart was touched in a way that I cannot describe.  And these songs – along with many more that I have discovered, many that have written more recently – all speak to me in ways that I cannot describe.  His “Come and Follow Me” has become a staple now for many parish music ministry ensembles, and his humble persona touches everyone he meets.  Tom is, for me, a true “brother in the Lord.”  I believe that when you experience more and more of his music and ministry – you will find him to be your brother as well.  DH

Tom Franzak Individual Choral Editions/Octavos (From GIA Publications)

(Many of the pieces listed have ancillary editions for obbligato instruments. Also, music clips for each selection can be found at the GIA site)

Come and Follow Me (GIA; G-5662)
Unless a Grain (GIA; G-7448)
The Heart of God (GIA; G-7666)
Be Glad (GIA; G-7686)
I Will Praise Your Name (GIA; G-7669)

Tom Franzak Recordings

In addition to the CD’s listed here, you can find some of Tom’s compositions on the following David Haas recordings/collections: Living Spirit, Holy Fire, Vol. 1; Living Spirit, Holy Fire, Vol. 2; & Echo of Faith (all with GIA Publications). 

Below is the complete discography of the recordings of Tom Franzak.  For more information as to how to locate these recordings, contact Tom at:

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Tom Franzak
Little Way Christmas I
The Hollow
Change of Heart
Walk that Talk
A Collection

Tom Franzak Song Videos

Tom Franzak, with daughter Lucy & son Daniel
Song Video: The Call by Tom Franzak
Song Video: Live On In My Love by Tom Franzak