Stephen Pishner

An immensely talented choir director, organist, pianist, vocalist and composer – Stephen hails from West Virginia, a man proud of his Italian roots, and a servant minister dedicated to the people of All Saints Parish in Bridgeport, West Virginia, for well over 30 years.  I came to know him many years ago when he invited me to All Saints for a concert and workshop, and we have been close friends ever since.  Having already composed and published several pieces with GIA, he joined Lori True, Paul Tate, Sr. Kathleen Harmon and myself to be part of the composition team for the four-volume series of music for the Liturgy of the Word, Cry Out With Joy.  In addition to his ministry at All Saints, Stephen has also served the Wheeling-Charleston West Virginia Diocese on diocesan and regional liturgical commissions, and coordinates the music and entertainment for an annual massive Italian Festival held in the area each year.  Stephen has a marvelous sense of humor and can make me (and others) laugh so hard sometimes my sides hurt!  But deep down, Stephen is a man of deep pastoral care, who sings, conducts, plays and composes with a deep soul and a real care for liturgy and for the people of his parish community.  A true model for all things “pastoral” music.  DH

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Stephen Pishner Individual Choral Editions/Octavos

(Many of the pieces listed have ancillary editions for obligatto instruments. also, music clips for each selection can be found at the GIA site)

Psalm and Gospel Acclamation for Advent (GIA; G-5259)
Prepare! Prepare! (Advent Gathering Rite: GIA; G-7040)
Psalm and Gospel Acclamation for Lent (GIA; G-4707)
This is the Day: Psalm and Gospel Acclamation for Easter (GIA; G-6139)
God Will Wipe the Tears (GIA; G-6838)
Gospel Alleluia (GIA; G-5569)

Songs of Grace for the Soul

Psalms by Stephen Pishner
CD available / Printed scores in preparation
To order: [email protected]

Stephen, together with fellow Cry Out With Joy composers Paul Tate and Kathleen Harmon, SNDdeN. 

Stephen Pishner Song Videos

Fill Us, O Lord.