Rob Glover

My friendship with Rob has held a very special corner of my life for 35 plus years, and he takes great joy in sharing his musical gifts as improviser, singer, guitarist, pianist, organist, accordionist, composer, arranger, recording artist, and conductor. He is known for his fine choral conducting skills and techniques as well as facilitating reflections and prayer, particularly in the areas of health care and spiritual health.  His “Come and Eat This Living Bread” has become a favorite for faith communities everywhere, and he also has been an arranger for several of my compositions over the years as well as several other artists and liturgical composers. Originally from South Dakota, Rob’s master of music degree in Church Music is from the University of Minnesota with emphasis in choral conducting and organ and voice performance. His BS degree is in Music Education from Northern State University, Aberdeen, South Dakota. He just recently retired after serving for many years, beginning in 1981, at the Church of St. Therese, a suburban parish of 1200 families in Deephaven, Minnesota. Rob has been a blessed gift and presence in pastoral music his entire life, and I am so excited to be able to share some of the bounty of his work here. DH

The majority of Rob’s compositions and arrangements are with GIA; but he has other editions published with WLP Publications and Choristers Guild. Almost all  of the titles below include recordings (CD or as MP3’s), as well as printed music editions, either in a collection and also as individual editions, from GIA Publications ( In addition to the recordings and publications listed below, his music is also included on several of David’s CD’s, including “Table Songs, Vol. 1 and 2;” “Where the River Flows,” and “No Longer Strangers.”


Finally! A resource for your cello, bassoon, trombone, and other bass clef players in your music ministry program! We’ve taken 70 classic GIA songs and hymns and crafted arrangements that feature the melody, a lyric “tenor descant” line, and a true bass line. Your players will appreciate the flexibility of being able to play the melody or harmony lines in a clef, range, and style suitable for these foundational instruments.

Please consider when ordering any of these resources, to choose, whenever possible, ordering directly from the particular publisher (the link for each item is usually provided), rather than going to Amazon or similar outlets.  When you order from these distributors, the royalties for the composer, as well as the publisher, are greatly compromised, as a substantial portion of the royalties go to the ordering source.  The options to order from Amazon are provided here in many cases (and obviously in some cases, certain items may be out of print from the publisher), but most often, you should be able to obtain these resources from the specific publisher,. So, think about it … choose differently, support the composers and authors who have created these resources, and click on the links provided here to order directly from the publisher.

Rob Glover Recordings

Round the Table

This well-rounded collection deserves a hardy round of applause. It includes a rollicking, fun rendition of the West Indian tune “The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy” and the popular “Spirit Friend” by Tom Colvin. For Epiphany, there’s “O Star of Beauty.” The communion song “Come and Eat this Living Bread” utilizes the familiar Gregorian chant refrain ADORO TE DEVOTE with a contemporary English text.

Many who have agonized over an appropriate song for the difficult Sunday reading Matthew 12:48 will be grateful for the spirited solution Rob brings forth with “Born from the Gospel.” Its deft use of percussion is simple and crisp, and the effect of adult and child singing together is truly moving.

Contents: Circle Round for Freedom; O Star of Beauty; Come and Eat This Living Breadl Born From the Gospel; The Honduras Alleluia; Spirit-Friend; Round the Table; Lay Hands Upon Us; The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy; Stand Firm; Embrace My Way and Cross; Now I Walk in Beauty; Shine on Us!

Featured Song Video from the recording:  Come and Eat This Living Bread

Mass of Plenty

The infectious joy of the spiritual “Plenty Good Room” permeates this Mass setting. While the choir parts are rich and rewarding, the assembly parts are quickly learned and easily retained. The writing is upbeat and contains a lot of syncopation. There is a dramatic quality to this piece that will invite everyone to “choose your seat and sit down.”

Music in the Air

Rooted in Rob’s experiences as a parish music minister and featuring a great intergenerational choir, Music in the Air offers practical, yet inspired, music for the liturgy.

Contents: Come with Joy; Music in the Air: Entrance Rite; Mass of Plenty: Kyrie; Mass of Plenty: Gloria; Mass of Plenty: Alleluia; I Will Give Thanks; Mass of Plenty: Eucharistic Prayer for Children; Mass of Plenty: Agnus Dei; Shine on Us; Plenty Good Room; Rise Up. Shepherd; Music in the Air: Concluding Rite

Featured Song Video from the recording: Come with Joy

My Life Flows on in Endless Song: Sounds of Comfort and Hope
(Rob Glover & Elliot Wimbush)

Through the wide variety of musical styles on this new CD, and with God’s spirit and energy, Rob and Elliot seek to bring comfort, rest, hope, and rejuvenation to all listeners.  The duo began working together for Catholic Health Care groups across the United States in 1998.  Today they continue to share together, their gifts of improvisation, singing, drumming, song writing, and preaching as spiritual reflection leaders.

Contents: Morning Has Broken; See Something New; Breath of God; Amazing Grace/The Vision Still Holds; Simplicity; When the Saints Go Marching In/Walk on Water; Veni, Creator Spiritus/Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit; Light and Beauty/All of Creation; Song of Hope/Strength for the Journey; On Eagle’s Wings; There is a Balm in Gilead/All Will Be Well; My Life Flows On

Featured Song Video from the recording: My Life Flows On