Pace e Bene!

Inaugurated in the fall of 2018 by David Haas, The Order of Baptized Franciscans (OBF) is an Ecumenical, Internet/Facebook community of baptized men and women who seek spiritual connection and solidarity with the progressive vision of Francis and Clare of Assisi.  We reject the “Birdbath Franciscanism” that has often diminished the prophetic and radical vision of the Franciscan message, which is the prayer-centered and social gospel-focused proclamation and transformation found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

While we use the word “Order” we are by no means an official or canonical order of any particular Christian denomination.  Unlike many corners of Franciscanism – we are an ecumenical, non-structured group. There is no structured “rule,” other than to seek to pull in close the “progressive” wisdom and spirituality of Francis and Clare in our lives, and to share what we have learned with each other.

Our grounding “text” or “rule” is articulated and steeped in the book, “Eager to Love” by Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM (published by Franciscan Media).

We pray for one another. We hold each other up. We surrender to a discipleship that is both personal and communal, engaged in the world. Our baptism is central, and we renounce archaic clericalism. While this group is not intended to be “political” in the usual understanding of this word, we ARE committed to the advancement of “God’s politics;” dedicated to the poor and vulnerable and the issues of peace and justice; the safe guarding of creation; inter-religious dialogue; and to the promotion of both personal and communal ritual and prayer grounded in the best spiritual and liturgical practices and that of Franciscan spirituality.

We are “eager to love.”

So through this page, we support one another to be the Body of Christ in the mindset of Francis and Clare through the sharing of Franciscan wisdom, prayers, meditations, articles, sung prayer, and insights.  All are invited to “join” by simply “applying” to our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/536829016782396/

Our offerings and our responses/posts to what is shared on this page is always to be loving and supportive. Our attitude and tone here is to be positive and open to the workings of the Spirit, inspired by the witness of Francis and Clare.

Whether or not you “join up” with our merry band of Franciscans, consider praying along with Francis and Clare with David’s new Rosary resource: “My God and My All: Praying the Rosary with Francis and Clare.”


The printed music for David’s new and already popular setting of the Prayer of St. Francis, “An Instrument of Your Piece” is now available from GIA Publications!  To order, click here:

To listen to the recording, sung by David with Michael Joncas and Marty Haugen, check out this YouTube Video/click here:

Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace | David Haas

Enjoy David’s presentation at the 2019 Annual Summer Institute for Christian Spirituality at the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas: “The Prayer of St. Francis: A Path from Fear to Faith.”