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When We Are Weak, We Are Strong (2017)

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The Paschal Mystery (the life and deeds of Christ; his passion, death and resurrection) is at the center of the prayer and worship of all Christians.  At our weakest moments in life, we turn to Christ, our brother, whose blessed grace promises forgiveness, healing, and comfort. In our brokenness we often turn to the liturgy where we are fed by Christ’s word and liberating meal of restoration. When We Are Weak, We Are Strong is a collection of liturgical music that prays and sings this mystery of suffering and the hope that in turning our sorrow over to Christ, such healing and restoration can be found and celebrated.

Contents: Christ is There; Blest Are The Pure of Heart; Are You the One?; Gaudete!; Our Eyes Rest on You; O Blest Are You; God Walks with Us; In the Love of Christ; We Wait for You; We Receive, We Believe; Why, O God? Come, in Our Dark Time; When We Are Weak, We Are Strong; My Only Desire.

Featured Song Video from the recording: Our Eyes Rest on You