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There Is Room for Us All

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The clarion voice of Lori True rings out a message of justice and peace in her new recording, There is Room for Us All. True captures the essence of a world unified in songs like “Build Us a Table” and “Dream a Dream,” the latter of which incorporates the tranquil entreaty, Dona nobis pacem; give us peace. The gentle soul of a humble maid is reflected effortlessly in the refrain of True’s “Magnificat,” while the infectious gospel rhythm of “I Lift My Soul” inspires praise and devotion.

Ruth Duck and Mary Louise Bringle lend thought-provoking texts filled with heartfelt pleas for relief from pain, poverty, and oppression. There Is Room for Us All challenges us to enter into “a deeper communion with ‘the poor ones here in our midst.'”

Contents: One Lord; You Are All I Want; Build Us a Table; What Have We Done for the Poor Ones?; Peace, Be Not Anxious; Who is the Alien?; One in Body, Heart and Mind; I Lift My Soul; Dream a Dream; We Await with Wakeful Care; Magnificat; Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace; On the Mountain of God; Let it Go; Quietly, Peacefully.

Featured Song Video from the recording: What Have We Done for the Poor Ones?