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Let This Be the Time

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In her new music collection Let This Be the Time, Lori True presents us with a powerful and urgent call to put our faith into action. Each “song prayer” expresses the profound and compelling partnership between our prayer and our mission.

True’s composing prowess compliments the compelling texts of renowned writers Shirley Erena Murray, Ruth Duck, Delores Dufner, John L. Bell, and Mary Louise Bringle, enhancing and articulating their meaning.

Contents: Let This Be the Time; Lord, I Want to Be A Christian; Love it the Touch; Nothing Can Separate Us; God, Give Us Peace that Lasts: Light a Candle; Whatever Be the Love; How Good it Is; Go Gently, Go Lightly; Let Our Hearts Be Transformed; When We Gather in This Place; Wisdom, Wisdom; Go Forth in Peace; May the Peace of Christ Be With  You/Ki Ri Su To No


Featured Song Video from the recording: Let This Be the Time