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Instruments at Prayer Vol. 1 (2011)

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Instruments at Prayer is an assortment of David Haas’s most beloved liturgical music interpreted instrumentally by the amazing musical talents of Kate Cuddy, Paul Tate, Bobby Fisher, Eileen Bird, Stephen Petrunak, and Zach Stachowski. These meditative, soulful arrangements transcend the words, transporting their message on sonorous wings straight to the heart. Volume I includes such favorite Haas tunes as “We Give You Thanks,” “Deep Within,” and “You Are Mine.” Cherished titles from Volume II include “Come and Journey with Me,” “Send Us Your Spirit,” and all-time favorite “Blest are They.” It is David’s sincere hope that you will find this recording to be a source of reflec- tion, prayer, and enjoyment.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Creation Audio, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Additional recording on Deep Within, Now We Remain, and The Lord Is My Light  by Ed O’Donnell at Soundstage Studio, Cincinnati, Ohio.