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God Never Tires (with Zack Stachowski) (2017)

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With this CD/Music Collection, David collaborates with and introduces to the singing-praying Church, to Zack Stachowski and the promise that he holds as a liturgical composer to pay attention to.  David’s most recent project of new original music.

Contents: Welcome and Wanted (Stachowski); If We Speak (Haas); God Never Tires (Stachowski); Your Beauty, God (Haas); When You Come (Stachowski); Dedicate Yourselves (Haas); If Christ is Lord of All (Stachowski); The Gift of Heaven (Haas); God of Broken Hearts (Stachowski); Jerusalem, Give Glory (Haas); In Simple Signs (Haas); Keep

Featured Song Video from the recording: Jerusalem, Give Glory