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Give Me Jesus (2009)

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A compilation of David’s most heartfelt songs celebrating the journey of our life with Jesus Christ: conversion, incarnation, discipleship, journey, restoration, resurrection, and mission —all the various stages and aspects of our relationship with the human and divine Christ. Give Me Jesus presents a musical journey that invites us to sing, pray, and celebrate our lives in Christ. It also calls us to realize our role in salvation history; how we internalize the lessons of faith, hope, and love, and then use them in our daily lives.

The two-CD set includes 44 songs categorized into different aspects of our relationship with Christ. The planned accompanying prayer book will provide reflections for breaking open the mystery of Christ Jesus.

Used together the Give Me Jesus CD set and prayer book can provide an opportunity for spiritual growth and conversion.

Contents: Look to Christ; We Are One in the Lord; All I Want; Present Among Us; Be Born In Us Today; Child of Joy and Peace; The Encounter; To Be a Servant; We Have Been Told; That You Might Have Life; Song of the Temptation; Blest Are They; Take Up Your Cross; Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled; Song of the Lord’s Command; I Will Give You Rest; You Alone Are the Word; Increase Our Faith; O Jerusalem; In the Power of Christ; Christ Will Be Your Light; The Water I Give; He Healed the Darkness of My Mind; I Am the Resurrection; Jesus, Heal Us; Song of the Storm; Steal Away; You Are Mine; Song of the Risen One; Table Song; Christ is Risen! Shout Hosanna! Without Seeing You; Water of Life; Alive in Christ Jesus; Do This in Memory of Me; Here in this Place; The Tomb is Empty; Now We Remain; Be Light for Our Eyes; Christ Among Us; You Are God’s Work of Art; For the Life of the World; Jesus, Be With Us Now; Give Me Jesus.

Featured Song Video from the recording: Give Me Jesus