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As Morning Breaks and Evening Sets

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With love and faith, the tradition of our Church is passed from generation to generation. As Morning Breaks and Evening Sets introduces young people to the biblical form of prayer known as the Liturgy of the Hours.

From the hands of three of today’s top liturgical composers, Tony Alonso, Michael Mahler, and Lori True, this recording and music collection offer seventeen wonderful new contemporary settings of psalms, canticles, and hymns for Morning and Evening Prayer.

The music in this collection corresponds to the book, As Morning Breaks and Evening Sets: Liturgical Prayer Services for Ordinary and Extraordinary Events in the Lives of Young People, by Tony Alonso, Laurie Delgatto, and Robert Feduccia, published by St. Mary’s Press. This book is filled with simple yet profound prayer experiences that speak to the everyday lives of young people.

Contents: We Arise (Mahler); Fresh As the Morning (Alonso); Let Us Sing! (True); The Rising Sun (Alonso); You Answered Me (Alonso); The Lord is My Light (Mahler); You the Source and Maker (Mahler); Here I Am (Alonso); Create in Me (Mahler); Cry Out with Joy and Gladness (True); I Have Found My Peace (Alonso); How Great is Your Name (Mahler); Let Evening Fall (Alonso); Stay With Us, Lord (True); Like Burning Incense (True); Magnificat (True); Lord, Let Your Servants Go in Peace (Alonso).

Featured Song Video from the recording: Let Us Sing!