Michael Mangan

While I have known about Michael for several years, and have met him at different events, it is only more recently that I have become more in tune with his wonderful work, and we have now become good and fast friends, as well as esteemed colleagues. Michael is a composer, teacher and liturgist who is based in Brisbane, Australia.  A former specialist music teacher, he has composed over 250 pieces which are widely used in schools and parishes throughout Australia, New Zealand, Canada and in more recent years, in the USA. Michael’s music is published in North AmerIca by WLP Publications, and his compositions are known for their “singability” and suitability for liturgical celebrations, especially with children. He tours extensively each year presenting concerts and workshops for students, teachers and parish musicians and speaks at conferences throughout Australasia and North America.   I have come to know Michael through his leadership with the emerging association of liturgical musicians in Australia, the Australian Pastoral Musicians Network (www.apmn.org.au), that holds a national conference every other year at various locations throughout the country.  I was so honored to have been the primary speaker and teacher at their Fall 2017 conference in Perth, and partly because of his vision and leadership, APMN is having a great influence upon the quality of sung prayer in Australia.  He is a regular presenter at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress each year in Anaheim, CA; and I have to say, I am really jealous that I did not compose his beautiful song, The Bread of Life – that I love so much! I hope that more and more people will come to know the wonderful inter-generational music that Michael is creating, and the wonderful work that he provides with his own enterprise, LitMus Productions (www.litmusproductions.com).  May God continue to bless Michael’s joyfilled and passionate ministry!  DH

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The Latest from Michael:
His two new collections for Children!

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Let the Children Come

“Let the Children Come” was created to assist those who prepare Masses with children, especially teachers in Catholic schools. It contains 13 songs engaging and singable songs suitable for Gathering, Offertory/Preparation of Gifts, Communion, and Recessional/Sending. A simple call-and-response Mass setting is also included, along with sung responses for Eucharistic Prayers for Masses with Children.

We Are One

A new collection of 13 canons, ostinatos, and part songs for children’s choir. Beautiful, singable arrangements for Lent, Palm Sunday, Easter Triduum, Confirmation and Marian feasts, Christian Unity and more. The Accompaniment Book has the full score, the Choristers Edition has just the vocal parts, and the CD contains full recordings of each song along with the instrumental tracks.

Selected Michael Mangan Individual Choral Editions/Octavos
(from WLP Publications)

Many of the pieces listed have ancillary editions for obligatto instruments also, music clips for each selection can be found at the WLP website – also, all of these selections are available digitally, in WLP’s “Click & Print” format.

The Bread of Life
Holy Spirit, Come
Justly, Tenderly, Humbly
Mass Jubilee (Full Score)
O Emmanuel