“When she sings, I feel close to God!”

These words have been used to describe listening to Meredith. Love flows through her – and her voice touches hearts. A West Virginia girl who grew up in Morgantown, Meredith began playing the piano and singing at a very young age. She describes, “My mom taught piano lessons while I was in her womb. I think it started there. When I was two, my mom and dad told me it was time to give up my pacifier, and I could sing myself to sleep … and I haven’t stopped.”

After completing her graduate degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from West Virginia University, Meredith’s musical activities began leading her to New York City, where she eventually made her home. Currently, she is the Director of Music at the Church of St. Francis of Assisi in midtown Manhattan – a very powerful ministerial presence. Meredith reflects, “In the last 10 years, my job has allowed me to come face to face with so many beautiful people from so many beautiful cultures. I has helped me evolve personally, as well as musically.”  In addition to her wonderful work at St. Francis in music and liturgy, she has become quite involved with ministering to the LGBTQ community there and beyond.

Meredith has a special gift, and a unique artist who moves in an out of many diverse genres of music, particularly jazz/world/Christian – Meredith has been blessed to collaborate with musicians from all over the world, in particular, Haiti.

She is featured on the recordings of many well-known liturgical composers and artists, including Chris DeSilva, Tom Kendzia, John Angotti, and Paul Tate, to name a few, but she is also a composer and arranger in her own right. I find Meredith to be a compelling presence, as a singer and cantor, as a leader in ministry, and woman of deep soul and spirit, and has become a good and precious friend.  DH (7.5.19)

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To get in touch with Meredith, contact her at St. Francis of Assisi Church in New York, at: [email protected]


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Meredith Singing at Stonewall: