A Portland, Oregon native, Maureen Briare is an amazing woman.  She conducts, she sings, she composes and arranges music, she plays the guitar, piano, bass, flute, harp, and every possible percussion instrument you can imagine!  This musical and spiritual fireball has been a pastoral musician for over sixteen years and is an alumna of the University of Portland, where she is still hanging her hat, serving as campus minister for music and liturgy since 2000.  She directs the University Chapel Choir in music of all traditions, styles, and cultures, and completed her master’s degree in music, with emphasis on liturgical composition, in 2004. She and her husband, Tim, are blessed with a large family of six children.

Maureen’s love for and commitment to the young church is nothing less than awe-inspiring.  I have seen and experienced it first hand when I have been at the University myself.  Her energy is infectious, and her faith oozes out of every part of her body and spirit.  She has touched the lives of so many young adults over the years and has witnessed to so many of us what it means to nurture and empower the young church.  I first came to know Maureen and discover her potent music ministry when I first visited the University of Portland in 2015, when I was honored to have received an Honorary Doctorate there.  As part of that wonderful experience, I composed a piece just for her and her students, The Beloved of God, the text inspired by the great spiritual writer, Henri Nouwen.  I certainly was guided by the Spirit to write this particular song for this particular community of faith – because Maureen most certainly, sees in each of her students, the rich identity of what it means to be a daughter and son of God.

A fellow member of the Liturgical Composers Forum, Maureen is becoming more and more “known” as a liturgical composer, now having several titles published with both GIA Publications and OCP Publications.  An amazing arranger as well (she arranged all of the instrumental parts for The Beloved of God), she has recorded two solo CD recordings of her harp arrangements of well-known liturgical songs, and I for one can hardly wait to see the bounty of creativity that I am confident will continue to flow from her inspired heart.  I am most certainly blessed to have to come to know her as both colleague and friend, and I hope that pastoral musicians everywhere will come to not only appreciate her compositions, but the witness she proclaims in her life-response as a true pastoral musician, steeped in the love of Christ, and filled with passion for the people she serves. (DH: 4.6.18)

Recordings, Collections, & Individual Choral Editions by Maureen Briare

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Peaceful Prayer, Volume I (OCP)


Peaceful Prayer, Volume II (OCP)

All Good Gifts (OCP)

For the Beauty of the Earth Medley (OCP)

Gift of Heaven (OCP)

Laudate Dominum, Alleluia (OCP)

Lead, Kindly Light (OCP)

Lead, Kindly Light String Quartet (OCP)

Pacem (OCP)

Sing Praise to God Who Reigns on High (OCP)

The Road of Mercy (OCP)

Wellspring (OCP)

Song Videos:

Rise! In the Studio (Maureen Briare, Conducting)


O God, You Search Me (Maureen Briare on Harp)

Ave Verum Corpus (Mozart / Maureen Briare, Conducting)