From the Toledo, Ohio area, Luke Rosen possesses all of the attributes that I believe are important for those who serve as composers of sung prayer:  a strong musical education; attentiveness to the important qualities of ritual music; a keen sense of critical thinking; a beautiful gift for creating melody; and, what is so very important – a true pastoral sensitivity and a servant’s heart.

Luke is a busy boy! For many years he was a teacher of choral music at St. John’s Jesuit High School in Toledo – he is just beginning a brand new position, accepting a full-time faculty position as music teacher at Evergreen High School and Middle School in Metamora, Ohio. In addition, he continues to be director of liturgical music at Corpus Christi University Parish at the University of Toledo, a very vibrant faith community.  In addition to all of this, Luke works as a retreat leader, vocal director and pit orchestra director for various musical productions in the greater Toledo area and beyond.  I am exhausted just thinking about it all, but his energy and commitment is an inspiration for us all.  He loves to run, hike, cook, studying geology and involved in storm chasing, and birdwatching.  Quite the renaissance man!

Luke’s compositional styles are very diverse, including songs for the assembly to pray and sing, and wonderfully crafted compositions that serve as anthems for the choir. His pieces are presently all published by OCP Publications, and while there are only a few published at this point – they all hold a promise for some wonderful things to come in the future.  I have enjoyed and the many wonderful conversations we have had – and I know I will be first in line to drink in the many creations that I am certain will be bursting forth!   (DH: 7.5.19)

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Luke is available for workshops, clinics, and concerts – just contact him at: [email protected]

And be sure to check out Luke’s own website:

Luke Rosen Song Videos:

Come, Let Us Sing Joyfully by Luke Rosen
Joy to the World (arranged by Luke Rosen)

To order, contact Luke at: [email protected]

To order, contact Luke at: [email protected]