Kate Cuddy

I have known Kate Cuddy for almost 30 years, and here we have not only a consummately talented musician – singer, pianist, arranger, composer and music educator – but a dedicated minister with a particular love of young people, and a total dedication to serving people of every age to find their voice as a singing and praying assembly.  Originally from Iowa, Kate served as a high school music teacher and parish music director for several communities in Minnesota – only to return to Iowa again, where she now serves as Director of Music for St. Lawrence Church in Carroll, Iowa.  A former studio and jingle singer, she directed her talents toward liturgical music over 25 years ago, and for many years has been the music director for several of the national conferences sponsored by the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, as well as serving as a valued team member for Music Ministry Alive since its very beginning.  Kate has sung, played the piano, and served as an arranger for numerous recordings of mine over the years, as well as for many other liturgical composers such as Marty Haugen, Michael Joncas, Lori True, John Foley, Fran O’Brien, Tony Alonso, Liam Lawton, Donna Pena, Ricky Manalo, Scott Soper, Michael Mahler, Jeanne Cotter … the list goes on and on.  A composer in her own right, several of her pieces appear on various recordings and collections that I have coordinated, and her most loved songs include “The Living Bread of God,” “On that Day,” and “With This Bread.”  Kate brings a unique and precious blend of talent and craft to her work, all fused together with a altruistic love of the liturgy and the people who sing and pray the liturgy.  And she also is a dear friend!  DH

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Kate Cuddy Song Videos

Song Video: With This Bread by Kate Cuddy
Song Video: When the Holy Spirit Comes to You by Kate Cuddy
Song Video: Called by Christ by Kate Cuddy