Hymnals/Congregational Songbooks

Prominent Hymnals from GIA Publications

These hymnals from GIA all include much of David’s music; and the music of Lori True, Zack Stachowski, Kate Cuddy,
Stephen Pishner, Rob Glover, M. Roger Holland, Leon C. Roberts,
and Tom Franzak find a home in several of these resources as well.

Hymnals & Missals from Other Catholic Publishers
United States & International

In addition to the many hymnals and anthologies from GIA Publications that include much of David’s music, there are several other Catholic hymnals, missalettes, and congregational resources that include many of his compositions, both in the US and throughout the world;

Hymnals from Protestant Denominations/Publishers

There are far too many hymnals, anthologies, and songbooks from various Christian traditions to mention that include David’s music, but here are a few major denominational hymnals that include many of his compositions.

Other Hymnals from GIA Publications

These hymnals all include music by David