Hangad is a group of young professionals and students in the greater Manila area (in the Philippines), bound by their common desire to help others know God through their music. This group sings at Masses and weddings, stages concerts, records albums, produces music videos, and holds workshops for parish choirs, all towards providing everyday inspiration for listeners and fellow music ministers everywhere.

Hangad began in 1991 as an all-male choir for Days with the Lord retreats in Ateneo High School. The group became a full choir in 1992 when the all-male group, now in college, merged with an all-girls choir from School of the Holy Spirit. Today, Hangad is a diverse group of over 80 members—around 25 of whom are active—from various schools, professional fields, musical backgrounds, and hometowns.Hangad’s repertoire spans both familiar and new arrangements of liturgical, inspirational, pop, jazz, Broadway, and OPM songs, as well as original compositions by Hangad members. The group has ten albums under the Jesuit Communications Foundation, and more information about their CD’s and music can be found at: www.jescom.ph. I came to know this incredible ensemble when I travelled to the Philippines in the fall of 2016, where they and other music ministry groups from the area (such as Bukas Palad and the Ateneo University Chamber Singers) joined me for a large musical event in Manila.  I have come to be so inspired, not only of the quality or their music making and the amazing arrangements and commitment to beauty – but even mores o, by the tremendous devotion to Christ, to one another, and to serve God’s people joyfully!  They sing and pray from bottom of the toes to the tops of their hearts and heads.  I was so taken by them and the time we were able to have socially during that wonderful experience, that we now have become dear friends and partners in prayer.  I composed the piece, “My Only Desire,” especially for them, and I was/am so honored that they sang and recorded it for their 25th Anniversary recording – and it is included on my recent recording, “I Will Bring You Home.”  Their ministry encompasses not only liturgical music, but musical and spiritual outreach through concerts, missions, retreats, workshops and numerous other events throughout the Philippines and beyond.  Be sure to check out their music and the inspiration that they are for us all.  DH

The Logo Symbol

The eighth note implies activity and represents music—the medium of the ministry. Through music, the group communicates God’s Word, as well as the members’ artistry, emotions and ideals. It is the passion for music that binds the members together.

The flame symbolizes a myriad of things. Though it primarily conveys our intense desire—the hangad—to know and love the Lord, it may also be interpreted as:

  • the Molder of music and people;
  • the Warmth that calls us from the cold;
  • the Light that guides us in our darkness and frailty; and
  • the Life that fuels the ministry.

In essence, the flame signifies the Holy Spirit—the “tongue of fire” that empowers us to bear witness and help others know God.

Only in darkness is the need for light most evident. The black rectangle symbolizes our frailty—our humanity—for we live in a sinful world. It is only through His comforting light that we can truly see. It is also our hope that we, too, become beacons by sharing His music. Website: www.hangad.org

Hangad Song Recordings

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Hangad Song Videos

Video: I Sing the Mighty Power of God
Video: I Sing the Mighty Power of God
Video: My Only Desire
Song Video: Dwells God (Hangad)
Song Video: One Thing I Ask (Hangad)
Song Video: Simeon’s Canticle (Hangad)
Song Video: Magnificat (Hangad)