Fiona Dyball presently lives in Melbourne, and has been a passionate and active voice and presence in Australia all of her adult life as a singer, instrumentalist, conductor, educator and pastoral musician.  She has served in several parish and school settings, and is a tireless advocate for quality music making, pastoral service in sung prayer, and especially in her work with young people in high school, college and national and regional conferences

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Fiona is a devoted family member and auntie, and studied music at the both the undergraduate and graduate level at schools in Australia, and has taught at Marcellin College. From 2004-2015 she taught at Catholic College in Wondonga where literally, hundreds of students were the grateful beneficiaries of her wisdom, humor and joy in making music and serving the Lord.  Before and during this time, Fiona was also involved as a performer in several different choirs and performing groups representing a wide diversity of musical styles genres.  While not a composer, she knows more than most musicians I know, how to find the gems that exist in a piece, and how to bring those gems to life.

Fiona is ANYTHING but a snob!  She loves and dives into all kinds of music, and does so with gusto!

In 2015 she began a new adventure when she moved to Boston to pursue a master’s degree in theology at Boston College, with a concentration in music and liturgical studies.  During those two years she submerged herself in becoming connected with the liturgical community throughout the United States, which included being a team member and teacher for the “Music Ministry Alive!” program one of those summers in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she truly enchanted and inspired both the students and other faculty members with her teaching wisdom, and her amazing joy.

Since returning to Australia after completing her degree, she continues to be a passionate advocate and voice for quality music education for her country, accompanied by an even deeper commitment to the ministry of sung prayer and how it intersects with youth ministry, evangelization, theology and spirituality.  Fiona is an active member and presenter with the Australian Pastoral Musician’s network, and sought out as a workshop and seminar presenter.

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She also keeps herself busy as a conductor and as a voice, piano, and guitar teacher. Fiona presently serves as the Director of Music Ministries at Hawthorn Parish Immaculate Conception Church in Melbourne, and as a team member for the Mission Life and Formation program with the Marist community; which takes her on the road throughout Australia for several weeks throughout the year.

What most people find to be the most inspiring, is Fiona’s radiant love of God and how for her, music is a passionate expression of that love. Combined with her love of community and young people, and how the liturgy, as the prayer of the church, brings all of this together.  She teaches us all!  The praying and singing Church in Australia is blessed to have Fiona in their midst.  She possesses a true servant’s heart, and God’s people are all the more holy because of her gifts. Fiona truly is for me, a hero in pastoral music, and a glorious witness of the essence of sung prayer, yoked together with faith and ministry to the people of God.  To all of you in Australia – what a wonderful resource and blessed witness you have in this woman.  Claim her and celebrate God’s stirring in her heart and in yours!    (DH: 5/26/18)

To contact Fiona about scheduling an event with your parish or faith community, contact her on her Facebook page, and at: [email protected]