Betsey resides in Seattle, Washington, and while not a musician, she most assuredly is a minister of tremendous lyricism. Betsey is a dancer, choreographer, author, mother, wife, teacher, movement therapist and spiritual director, and is passionate about living life fully and fostering creativity in all those with whom she shares life and ministry. While rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, she generously offers her artistry in a variety of ecumenical and Interfaith settings.  Trained in ballet, jazz and other genres of dance, for many years she was a founding member of the Fountain Square Fools: Portable Theater Proclaiming Good News company that was based in Cincinnati.  Through her theological and artistic formation, she proclaims the deep connection between dance, scripture and prayer.

Through the years she has developed an art form that consists of a combination of scripture and dance which she calls “StoryDance.” She has created a full repertory of Biblical StoryDances, in which she speaks and embodies the scripture at the same time. For many communities these embodied sacred stories serve as the proclamation of the Word at Sunday services, a living testimony to the “Word made flesh” and dwelling among us. To learn more about this genre that Betsey has nurtured over the years, click here on Store to discover a handful of these StoryDances available on DVD, which provide ways to access the art of embodied spirituality in a variety of settings.  For more than 35 years, Betsey has been actively sought out as a retreat and workshop leader, and has authored several books and produced several video presentations, under the banner of “The Dancing Word.”  Betsey and I have been friends for over 30 years, and she continues to amaze me and inspire many by the many ways her artistic creativity proclaims the presence of the holy.  (DH: 3.13.18)

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Betsey Beckman Videos:

The Creation
Poem by James Weldon Johnson / Danced and Proclaimed by Betsey Beckman
Dancing with Monks and Mystics
Now I Walk in Beauty
Danced by Betsey Beckman
Prayer of St. Francis
Music and Words by David Haas
Sung by David Haas / Proclaimed and Danced by Betsey Beckman