July 9, 2020
Press Release

David Haas Apology Statement

July 9, 2020

From David Haas

In recent days, through a lot of prayer and reflection, I have come to realize that I have caused great harm to a variety of people. I make no excuses for any harm that I may have caused. I take responsibility for my behavior and I am truly sorry.

I have discovered and continue to discover with greater clarity how my actions have wounded those who may have been affected by them. I am learning that, in addition to those who believe they were victimized by my actions, I have also caused additional harm to friends, colleagues and others, leaving many to feel disillusioned, confused, and/or angry. For this, and so much more, I am truly sorry.

I never, ever intended to hurt anyone. I realize now that even well-intentioned actions may have hurtful impact and consequences. Through the help of professional intervention and treatment, I am at the beginning of a path toward greater self-insight, insight to help me face and truly understand how my actions have violated trust.

In offering this sincere apology, I realize many may assume that all allegations made against me are true. At this stage in my path to greater insight, I take this risk without hesitation because I truly want to apologize for the harmful things I have actually done.

I do believe in the God who loves me, and all of us, the God who calls us to accountability and offers us forgiveness. I pray that I may receive God’s forgiveness. I also pray that one day I might receive forgiveness both individually from those whom I have wounded and from others in the church community who have been scandalized by these accusations. I pledge to make amends to the best of my ability and ask your prayers as I face the difficult days ahead.

If you or someone you know has suffered or is suffering from sexual abuse, please contact RAINN at https://hotline.rainn.org or (800) 656-4673.

David Haas

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