July 10, 2019


Please consider when ordering any of these resources, to choose, whenever possible, ordering directly from the particular publisher (the link for each item is usually provided), rather than going to Amazon or similar outlets.  When you order from these distributors, the royalties for the composer, as well as the publisher, are greatly compromised, as a substantial portion of the royalties go to the ordering source.  The options to order from Amazon are provided here in many cases (and obviously in some cases, certain items may be out of print from the publisher), but most often, you should be able to obtain these resources from the specific publisher.  So, think about it … choose differently, support the composers and authors who have created these resources, and click on the links provided here to order directly from the publisher.

These three new liturgical music resources that I want to celebrate this month, are all by women, and I am excited to bring them to your attention.  Lori, Anna and Barbara have provided us with some tremendous resources here. Be sure to check them out, and be sure that they are part of your resource library.  DH (7.7.19)

Show By Your Life
Lori True

In my humble – and correct – opinion, I believe “Show By Your Live” to be one of the most significant collections of liturgical music written in quite some time.  Many of us have been waiting for Lori to bring forth a new resource of music, and once again, she has given us a true gift with this collection.  Every single piece of music here is powerful and compelling. Lori hold a deep passion liturgical prayer, and music that is tethered to the vision of Catholic Social Teaching, and as is the case with this collection, the witness of Pope Francis. There are too many individual pieces to pick from to cite, but trust me, Lori has created a collection of sung prayer for communities who want to embrace the unrelenting love of God and the deep challenge of Christ. Here you will find songs for gathering, communion, times of grief, doubt, action, and celebration, all fashioned with texts that foster deep reflection and her signature, accessible melodies, all ready to serve a wide variety of communal gatherings. Truly, a must.  DH

Be sure to check out Lori’s artist page here on this website http://www.davidhaas.us/recordings-collections-by-lori-true/

Tomare’ Mi Cruz (I Will Take Up My Cross)
Anna Betancourt

This is a recording of music that is not only liturgical in nature, but also, a musical path for personal reflection.  Personally, I do not know Spanish – but even with that impediment, I am immediately pulled in by this music.  Stunningly performed on the recording with Anna’s beautiful voice, there are pieces here that touch our vulnerabilities and our human brokenness in ways that only music can.  Already, her piece from this recording, “Dame Tu Paz,” has become very popular.  These songs will inspire peace and hope in your heart during times of anxiety or depression, encouraging you to embrace your anguish and fear, and find glory through the way of the cross.  Truly a blessing for me, and it will truly be a blessing for you all I am sure.  DH

Be sure to check out Anna’s artist page here on this website


Deep Peace
Barbara Bridge

For a number of years now, Barbara Bridge has been writing some powerfully prayer song-prayers for liturgy, particularly in the Taize’ style – and this recording and collection once again, presents us all with some beautiful music that provides a true atmosphere for contemplation.  Two personal favorites fo me are the title song, and also “Be Still,” which really wraps a community in prayer.  There are 14 pieces in all here, for SATB choir, assembly, with keyboard and guitar accompaniments.  For those looking for simple yet provocative pieces that truly move beyond the ego into entering into the presence of God while singing, this resource is a must.  Well done, Barbara!  DH

 Be sure to check out Barbara’s artist page here on this website

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