March 27, 2018


Please consider when ordering any of these resources, to choose, whenever possible, ordering directly from the particular publisher (the link for each item is usually provided), rather than going to Amazon or similar outlets.  When you order from these distributors, the royalties for the composer, as well as the publisher, are greatly compromised, as a substantial portion of the royalties go to the ordering source.  The options to order from Amazon are provided here in many cases (and obviously in some cases, certain items may be out of print from the publisher), but most often, you should be able to obtain these resources from the specific publisher.  So, think about it … choose differently, support the composers and authors who have created these resources, and click on the links provided here to order directly from the publisher.

In All Seasons, For All Reasons: Praying Throughout the Year
James Martin, SJ

This is a beautiful little book, but huge in terms of the wisdom and sensitive pastoral spirit in which it is written.  James Martin is for many people these days – a healing, sensitive, and generous spirit, and he shares his faith and the simplicity of his discipleship in these pages.  This book addresses the everyday human concerns, struggles and longings that we all deal with, and he responds with a prayerful voice and with a servant’s heart.  Here, we find prayers to wrestle with every corner of the emotional and spiritual life: gratitude, anguish, anxiety, fear, and healing, both through the prayers of our tradition, the liturgical seasons and yes, the human seasons of our lives.  This is a book that you are going to want to have nearby, always. The Liturgical Press. (DH: 3.26.18)



Interrupting Silence: God’s Command to Speak Out
Walter Brueggemann

As is the case with all of Brueggemann’s writing, you will be challenged and in a “gospel living” way, provoked toward making some response of action in your life as believers. The scriptures are most certainly a source of comfort, but they also are a font of affliction – not for the sake of shame, but for the cause of activism, and speaking out with the entirety of our lives.  This is a book that speaks to the all too often response of passivity and silence.  Here in these pages we are being invited to break what he calls a “repressive silence” and how we can break free from it, if we take on God’s call for active and restorative justice.  This is a book that places the challenge of discipleship before us, and as a result, one that we need to read over and over again. Westminster John Knox Press (DH: 3.26.18)


The Catholic Youth Bible

How does one write a review of the Bible?  It is daunting, and sort of silly to do so, but I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention this new revised edition of what has been, in my opinion, the most significant Catholic initiative toward bringing the Word of God to the minds and hearts of our young people – and also, for all of us who walk with them (which should be all of us!).  As it was with all of the editions that have been published since its beginning, this Bible is available in both the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), and the New American Bible translation (NAB); and available in both hardbound and paperback editions.  In addition to the actual books of the Old and New Testament, the special features are awesome and will be so very much welcomed and appreciated by youth ministers, catechists, pastors, and of course, the young people themselves.  As is the case with all of their editions of the Bible and other programs, Saint Mary’s offers several ancillary editions that will greatly enhance the mission that has been the foundation of the CYB since its inception: Pray it!  Study it!  Live it!  Thanks Saint Mary’s, for keeping the Word of God vibrant for the young church. Saint Mary’s Press (DH: 3.26.18)


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