February 28, 2018


Please consider when ordering any of these resources, to choose, whenever possible, ordering directly from the particular publisher (the link for each item is usually provided), rather than going to Amazon or similar outlets.  When you order from these distributors, the royalties for the composer, as well as the publisher, are greatly compromised, as a substantial portion of the royalties go to the ordering source.  The options to order from Amazon are provided here in many cases (and obviously in some cases, certain items may be out of print from the publisher), but most often, you should be able to obtain these resources from the specific publisher,. So, think about it … choose differently, support the composers and authors who have created these resources, and click on the links provided here to order directly from the publisher.

Radical Prayers on Peace, Love & Nonviolence
John Dear

Father John Dear is a priest from California whose full-time ministry is the promotion of peace through retreats, presentations, and authoring resources to call all of us to a new activism.  He has authored over 35 books on peace and non-violence, and is also a Nobel Peace prize nominee.  This little book is a wonderful resource of prayers that respond to the growing violent world that we live in; and they have helped me to find a daily way to cope and wake up to what I am being called to do as a disciple of Jesus.  Here you will find prayers of thanksgiving to the God of peace; prayers for ourselves on the journey of non-violence; prayers for the whole human race, all creatures, Mother Earth, the abolition of war, and yes – prayers to cry out to God to bring an end to gun violence in our country.  In addition to the prayers in these pages, John also offers a very wise introduction to understanding the connection between prayer and nonviolence, and the necessary action of finding time in our day to dwell with the God of peace.  A wonderful and necessary companion for all who care about the rise of violence in our world.  Pace e Bene Press.  (DH; 3.1.18)

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The Gospel Legacy:
The Seven Last Words of Jesus, Spoken from the Cross
Arthur E. Zannoni 

Art Zannoni has a very unique way of blending strong theological scholarship together with the need for resources that are accessible for the average reader to digest.  I should know, because Art was my Hebrew Scripture professor when I was in college; and together we have collaborated on many programs and institutes addressing various topics in Sacred Scripture.  This short but spirit-filled book examines the legacy of Jesus by how the different gospel authors portray his departing words.  Another great feature of this book is that at the end of each chapter you will find discussion questions and prayer starters, that make this book not only a gift for individuals, but for small faith sharing groups as well.  It is always difficult to find resources that can take the necessary and important scholarship and find ways of applying it to the lives of people.  Art has accomplished this goal in this book.  So do yourself a favor as we come closer to Holy Week.  Order this book, and have it be your companion as we make the journey to embrace the paschal mystery.  Clear Faith Publishing.  (DH; 3.1.18)

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The Day the Revolution Began:
Reconsidering the Meaning of Jesus’s Crucifixion
N.T. Wright


N.T. Wright is a renowned Bible scholar, Anglican bishop, and bestselling author, whose books have contributed greatly to the more progressive and insightful contributions in biblical scholarship.  He has authored many books, and has achieved acclaim for how he has made the Bible, especially the New Testament, relevant for today’s world.  In this book, he makes the case that the story of the death of Jesus on the cross has been distorted and presented in a minimal way.  In these pages he presents the thesis that the New Testament authors were about a greater cause; a much bigger proclamation, one that is dangerous and more radical than we usually imagine.  Basically, Wright suggests very strongly that the event of Jesus’ death was igniting a revolution that set out to change everything.  This is a very engaging book, and hard to put down once you get started on it.  Again, this would be a very good read for Holy Week.  HarperOne. (DH; 3.1.18)

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